Walking with God in Broken Places

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Suzanne says, The time you spend in His presence…will gradually change how you think, which changes who you are in your thoughts, which will begin to reflect the words of Jesus imprinted on your heart. Our God is big enough to handle anything uncovered in the rubble of your life.

Maybe today you need to take just one step towards letting Him begin sifting through it all. I can promise you that! Oct 16, Alice rated it really liked it. Not the soppy girl talk I was expecting, but a pretty damn thorough exploration of heart break and things that can crush a woman beyond repair- but the hope of Jesus changes things! Loved the bible studies and questions. They were pertinent to my situation and really brought clarity from confusion!

Love how vast the scope is, from divorce, death, sex crime, loss of security, teenage mistakes etc. Jul 26, Gina rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed that she constantly reminds us that God is right beside you!

'How is Your Walk With God' And Other Questions Jesus Never Asked

We're confronted to deal with the tough issues like hearts broken by the church, our own sin, or sins of others. The time you spend in His presence will gradually help you to be bigger, better, stronger! Just trust Him to mend your heart. Read this book. It will help you. Jul 17, Teresa Marine rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-books. Amazing Read. I have been broken God has healed me, however, the process is slow.

It is good to have this book study to help along the process. Suzie gives practical help to those of us who need a little nudge to Move Forward - and get out of the Limbo of our lives. Highly recommend this book. Proverbs 31 OBS study! Jun 20, Julia Reffner rated it it was amazing.

Loved this book! Read for p31 Online study. Great mix of stories of real women with Bible verses and application. Great application for the things that hurt our hearts whether it be our own sin, others, or just the brokenness of the world.

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This book, elegantly written and full of grace, covers so many kinds of hurts. It gives hope and practical, biblically based, advice to work on moving forward and looking to the future. I highly recommend it. Feb 08, Sage rated it really liked it Shelves: help-and-encouragement. The further I read into the book the better it got. I found so many of the chapters helpful. I especially liked the chapter about how your mind can become a stronghold and likening it to a playground that we keep revisiting and don't want to leave.

We replay events in our mind, we think about what we should've said or want to say to a person. We can play the hero or the victim over and over again in our minds. I'd highly recommend this book. Feb 25, Charlene rated it it was amazing. There is so much in this book, it's hard to even know where to start. It wasn't an autobiography, but there passages that spoke to the author's past. All in all it was an authentic book and spoke to my heart!

The Presence of God

Aug 06, Katie rated it it was ok. Too brief. Meant as a small group study type of thing. So the content was only covered superficially. Not what I was looking for when I picked it up. I don't feel like it said anything "new" - but I don't know that it needed to necessarily. Sep 23, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: best-of-the-best. If you are alive, you've been hurt and are likely looking for help. This is a wonderful book to start with or continue with. I'm sure I will reread large parts of this book again and again. Jul 16, Annette rated it it was amazing. Summary: The Mended Heart addresses the key topics of brokenness and healing in women.

Part one is brief and speaks to readers who've been trying to work towards healing and it's not happened.


The chapter ends with the encouragement to "peel away those layers;" the layers of the broken shell, allowing God to heal tender wounds. Part three is on "Moving Forward. There is not a time limit and patience is important. My Thoughts: I don't like it when a book is labeled a Christian self-help book.

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Sometimes people will refer to a book like The Mended Heart as a Christian self-help book. This definition leaves God out and I don't like it. My favorite section was part three. A chapter in this section is on joy. When we are broken and hurting it's hard to believe we can have joy. All of the chapters end with a section titled "Just You And God. A principle, "Prayer", and "Mended Heart Challenge" ends the chapters. In the last chapter "Living In Him", Eller explains how our "identity changes.


Lesson 59: Broken, But Blessed (Genesis 32:22-32)

We're broken because of sin. And the only way of healing is through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ forgives, but He also restores and heals. Recently I've been processing some "things" that happened in my past. Events from my teenage years that I'd worked hard to bury. I remember distinctly a thought I had at age 17, "I'm going to shut the door on the memory and lock it.

This year I've prayed a series of prayers asking the Lord to work in my life in regards to holiness, having godly wisdom, seeing through His lens, and that I'd no longer stuff feelings. In the last month, that carefully locked door popped open. Whew, locked rooms smell bad.

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You see I found my old high school diary. In addition, I found several photographs of what every room in my house looked like the month I graduated from high school. Each of these rooms are neat and clean I can see the vacuum cleaner lines ; but the moment, and the memory of that time is caught as a time capsule. Over the last month, and during my healing process, all of the Bible verses, devotional material, books, Bible studies, and sermons I've read, address what I'm going through in healing the wounds from my past.

3 Bible Verses for Restoring a Broken Heart | elnerlisem.tk

I'm thankful that Jesus has and is working in my life. I'm thankful for His grace and mercy. I'm thankful that He makes the ugly-beautiful. I'm thankful for forgiveness through His shed blood. Because I am a Christian I am forgiven from sin, I am no longer condemned. But it was time to be restored and be at peace from the memories of my past.

Jun 08, Kim Stewart rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: anyone with a broken heart, no matter how they arrived there.

Walking with God in Broken Places Walking with God in Broken Places
Walking with God in Broken Places Walking with God in Broken Places
Walking with God in Broken Places Walking with God in Broken Places
Walking with God in Broken Places Walking with God in Broken Places
Walking with God in Broken Places Walking with God in Broken Places
Walking with God in Broken Places Walking with God in Broken Places
Walking with God in Broken Places Walking with God in Broken Places

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