The White Witch - Teen Suspense/Ghost Series (Hells Chasm Book 2)

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He's an aspiring filmmaker and has eyes for only one girl: Lindsay Swanson, the queen bee in his mind, until he's known of her little secret. Desperate to make things right, Jake sets out on his own little sick quest to win Lindsay over. Homecoming by Troy Escamilla troyesc Horror - As a group of young friends gear up to celebrate their school's Homecoming activities, an unknown killer lurks. As the dance nears, a group of friends plan a party for to celebrate the crowing of the queen, resulting in bloody showdown between the masked killer and the friends.

This years Homecoming will be a bloody good time! Horror at Basile High by Gabriel Common hosted by Winterpark Films Horror, Mystery - A group of outcast teens are suspicious of strange happenings in their small town school, decide to investigate and realize that things are much worst than they've expected. Horror at Basile High is a mysterious dark horror about a dark entity over running a school while being responsible for crimes ranging from small acts of vandalism to brutal murders.

Three teens Gavin, Jared and Marco, attempts to solve the mysterious crimes. Little do they know the more they get involved the closer they are linked to the crimes, causing their peers to make them the main suspects.

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Horror, The by Tommy Horror - A old school haunted house script done in the noir tradition. A young girl on a dare, enters the neighborhood's so-called haunted house. Moments later, she's transformed into a walking nightmare. Her doctor Harry and six others enter this house to try to find what really happened that day. Horror, The by Tommy Horror - A old school hunted house script done in the noir tradition. A young girl on a dare, enters the neighborhoods so-called hunted house.

Moments later, she's transformed into a inhuman nightmare.

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Unbeknownst to them, terrifying creatures lurk, ready to introduce themselves to the world. The best day of their lives, quickly turns to the worst day. The House by Alfredo De La Cruz Horror - College students encounter pure evil while filming a video project at an abandoned house with an unknown dark history. House of Cards by Larkin Hill Horror, Psychological Thriller - When Bruce's father dies an untimely death and leaves him the family farm, Bruce decides to sell the farm as a way of escaping his childhood demons. But when Bruce's wife and son begin acting strange and the demons come back to reclaim Bruce, there's no escape.

As she delves deeper into the secrets of the house, she comes to the grim realization that her fellow sisters are a coven of witches hell-bent on using her in a bizarre satanic ritual. House of God by James McClung Horror - A trio of grad students touring the French wine country are taken in by a brotherhood of kind monks.

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However when it comes time to leave the monastery, the students discover that the monks are not all they seem. House Of Lost Souls by Malcolm Bowman scoob Horror - Two thieves seek refuge in a desolate house after their getaway plan goes up in smoke. It's not long before they realize they may have been safer on the outside as the house starts to take on a life of it's own and play it's own game with the two - with deadly consequences! Light comic horror. I Am Become Death by Brian Tipton Horror - A man turning into a monster has only a few hours in which to find his loved ones while caring for his twelve year old neighbor.

I'm Still Here by Sean Elwood Horror, Thriller, Drama - After a car accident nearly kills him, a young man begins to experience strange occurrences around his home, leaving him to believe that his near-death experience has opened the door between the living and the dead. As he attempts to uncover the truth, he discovers that his sanity might be at stake. The script has two major and a few minor locations all low budget five characters plus a few small roles , and has no major special effects or big budget locations.

Immortal by Kim Britt screen dreamer Horror - A lonely introvert and an ambitious nurse think they have stumbled upon the cure for vampirism, but in order to test out their theory, they have to outsmart a vixen vampire looking to take over a powerful clan. In God You Trust by Bernard Mersier Horror - A demon hell bent on killing God waits for a woman with a pure soul to place a sapphire ring on in attempts to corrupt her soul causing a reverse Adam and Eve. Incantations by Michel J.

Duthin Horror - Jodi, a year old anorexic girl has lost her mother. She moves out with her father and finds in her new house an incantation book. With its help, she is now convinced she would be able to bring back her mother from the dead. Incendiary Me by Brandon Stephens Horror - A disfigured boy and victim of arson, grows up and uses his genetically rare superhuman strength to fire up incendiary revenge against the drug dealing thug and crew that killed his parents.

Incubus by Kris Lippert hosted by Simply Scripts Horror - When a troubled college student inadvertently conjures up a malevolent entity with her friends, she has to find a way to banish it before it kills them all. The Injurious by Luis Garza Horror, Supernatural - The Mcarthur Family must seek help after terrible hauntings that they have been experiencing at their new farm house.

Inked In Blood by Paul Corricelli Horror - A tortured, tattooed man returns to the town he ran away from as a child to exact his revenge on all those who wronged him. Not only to mend the shattered pieces of his own life, but for his mother's suffering as well, and ultimately face the one man he fears the most. His father. Insatiable by Brandon Coleman Horror, Thriller - A young man struggles to bury his past as visions of death appear all around him.

The Invitation by Mickey Hatewood Horror - A troubled university dropout travels to a mysterious town in order to gain an inheritance, unaware of the inhabitant's sinister intentions.

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The Invited by Mark Lear Horror - After entering into the paranormal investigation business, two non-believing scam artists accept a job to investigate a home that will lead them to true evil. As the days tick by in the company of their mysterious guest, strange things begin to take place.

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Crops rot, livestock dies, and terrifying apparitions appear, driving the couple to the very edge of their sanity. Could there be more to this stranger than meets the eye? Irrantional Circumstance by Jeff Rosenberg Horror - A college professor and a group of her students go in search of an undiscovered, but harmless, great ape.

Instead they find ravenous, flesh eating zombies. And as they wage a desperate battle for survival they stumble upon a secret even more terrifying than the living dead. It Howls by Alex Wasowicz Horror - A girl chased by a vicious beast meets a hunter who tries to save them both. Jack by Russell Davis Horror - Fake ghost hunters must prove the ghost behind "The Man With Hell's Eyes" photo is real so they can receive a million dollars from their network before one of their own dies of cancer. Kill Ride by Sean Elwood thedeadwalk2nite Horror, Thriller, Suspense - After most of the rides in an amusement park malfunction and kill everyone in the park, the park is closed for good.

A few teens decide to sneak in and have one last chance of fun, but they discover a terrible secret deep inside the park as 'demons' possess each ride, killing the teens off one by one. Now they have to get out of the amusement park before they become part of the park. Killer Worms by Dominador Tomate Horror - After spending several years in prison for fraud, Sam Mendoza returns home to his roots to start over and rekindle a high school romance.

On his first day back, he saves the life of a high school buddy, who in return, offers him a job working for his irrigation company.

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  • His neighbor and another high school friend who is a deputy sheriff, investigates a homicide where the victim's flesh is completely eaten off through the bone. It doesn't create attention until mutilated animals and another victim pop up at nearby farms, one of which raises earthworms.

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    Kiss of the Locust by James McClung Horror - Three college students join an entomologist and his son on an expedition into the mountains to collect specimens of an unidentified insect species that turns the mountain residents into zombies. Kukudhi by Phil Antonucci Horror - A talented, young biological research student comes home for the summer and confronts an ancient evil, forcing her to question her scientific training verses the cultural mythologies of her ancestors while coming to terms with her families link to the horror. Lab Infection by Sydell Strong Horror - Lab technicians become sick after a schizophrenic medication goes wrong.

    The Last Blue Blood Vampire by Dustin Bowcott hosted by Dustin Bowcott Horror - An unbeknownst descendant of the Van Helsings must finish what her family started when the last vampire, kept alive and farmed for her blue blood that gives users vampire powers for one night, escapes and seeks her rightful place as ruler of the planet.

    Lenny's Last Call by Phillip Antonucci Horror - An old neighborhood tavern has a strange influence on a small town introvert. In order to save their troubled marriage, he has asked her to sleep with another man.

    Once the mysterious stranger is brought into their home, he unleashes something sinister upon the family that shatters their very foundation. Now Scott needs to save his family from this darkness and the demons being unleashed inside his wife, Scarlett. Lethal Dose by Tim Murchu Horror - If a pill could remove the conscience, what choices would be made? Two graduate students discover a drug that temporarily inhibits the conscience. After confirming the drug works in a disastrous lab experiment, they continue testing at a bar the following evening.

    The White Witch - Teen Suspense/Ghost Series (Hells Chasm Book 2) The White Witch - Teen Suspense/Ghost Series (Hells Chasm Book 2)
    The White Witch - Teen Suspense/Ghost Series (Hells Chasm Book 2) The White Witch - Teen Suspense/Ghost Series (Hells Chasm Book 2)
    The White Witch - Teen Suspense/Ghost Series (Hells Chasm Book 2) The White Witch - Teen Suspense/Ghost Series (Hells Chasm Book 2)
    The White Witch - Teen Suspense/Ghost Series (Hells Chasm Book 2) The White Witch - Teen Suspense/Ghost Series (Hells Chasm Book 2)
    The White Witch - Teen Suspense/Ghost Series (Hells Chasm Book 2) The White Witch - Teen Suspense/Ghost Series (Hells Chasm Book 2)
    The White Witch - Teen Suspense/Ghost Series (Hells Chasm Book 2) The White Witch - Teen Suspense/Ghost Series (Hells Chasm Book 2)

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