Soul Healer, Soul Warrior

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4 Steps To Change Your Life

Thank you. It is based on our own direct experiences of severe mental health issues and shamanic initiations within ourselves, as well as gaining relevant training and experience. All clients must be seeking support to help themselves, while taking full responsibility for themselves and their life path. If this turns out to be the case, these matters will need to be addressed appropriately, and if necessary the Coaching Agreement terminated.

Over 10 years experience in a variety of holistic-coaching techniques. This process has culminated in the Soul Warrior Approach. It is our Life Purpose to share with others the knowledge and wisdom we have acquired through our own experiences, in-depth training and shamanic initiations. Our mission is to support others right through their recovery or goal—attainment process, every step of the way, and show them what is possible. I have also received some Shamanic Healing from him, where he did a soul retrieval and energy clearing.

He is a very caring and compassionate coach and dedicated to you as a client - helping to bring about the best healing for you.

I had to sign off from work with terrible stress and did not know which direction to move in. The Coach was spot-on in being able to clarify exactly where I was, where I had become stuck, and how I needed to get back in tune with my real self and what I wanted out of life.

Soul Healer, Soul Warrior

They provided tremendous support throughout this journey. It has enabled me to stay on track and finally break free from the shackles that were holding me back, thereby fulfilling certain dreams I always craved. Throughout the coaching process, Justin is consistently supportive and always there for me.

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He is very empathetic and caring. This is also how I prefer to teach. I teach in a way that will understand not just the posture and how to get into and out of it safely without injury, but the areas within the body, mind and spirit it is reaching. This in turn, promotes a deep connection to a life of consistent growth and healing among a long list of other benefits.

People often begin their practice in a weakened, fragile state. I have witnessed first hand the exact nature and manner of those truly helped by yoga and the tremendous growth that is a subsequent result. Without the asana selfies, the snobbery or the competitive aspects, one is personally empowered to experience the true essence of the sacred teachings, as I have experienced; and developed their own union that is fostered by an individualized practice.

Yoga is meant to be a personal journey of self discovery and the healing aspects comes automatically sometimes quick and immediate, while other times change and spiritual connection evolves over time. A forward bending posture for example may look entirely different from one person to the next based on your intricate anatomy. Your practice begins with developing the tools required to breathe, quiet the mind and be skillful while working with your body that has gotten you through life thus far. At times, I experienced days where my practice came rather effortless; while other times the only thing I could do is simply breathe.

Sometimes this is all we can do while overcoming health obstacle and injuries. This deep, gradual change, built on strong foundations is the greatest gift of meditation. Stop looking for the quick fix and take the gentle step every day to give yourself self love through meditation. I love summer. You can join with me in this simple yet powerful practice on the video. First, are you being impatient?

You may have spent a long time heading the wrong way, and it will take a bit of time to redirect your life the way you want to go now.

RiftGrate | Liberator (Warrior Healing) Soul

The second question to ask is where is the intention behind this dream coming from? Is it coming from your soul, and something that will bring you inner joy, peace and love? Or are you doing it to please or impress someone else? One thing I know for sure is that your calls for help to God, your angels, guides or teachers are always, always answered.

They will not help you do something that will cause more self-destruction, pain and trauma. They will gently steer you the other way. You know you are coming from your soul if things flow; you will feel the hand of the Divine at work beside you. This simple yet powerful practice of sitting in silence for one minute each day and holding those dreams and visions in your heart can be a beautiful guiding star in your life.

If you'd like to hear instantly when new inspirational videos are added you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for free here. Life is what happens when you're making other plans. But it's in those moments when life throws you a curve ball that you most need to call in all your spiritual tools and practices to get you through.

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My beautiful partner had a heart attack completely out of the blue. As he was in with the doctors and I waited nervously to find out what was going on, I fell back into my old coping mechanisms. Then I realised I needed more, and that I could call up my inner peace, strength and connection to God if I simply stopped and chose to…. You manifest from who you are in your soul and from how you feel in your heart. Your manifesting will not work until you heal your heart, and will only come to you when what you want to manifest is in alignment with your soul and with your core values.

But you can reach the stage where you simply have a thought and what you want flows to you without effort…. There are a lot of ideas flowing around about what spirituality is and what it means to be spiritual. Keep it pure, simple and easy. In my view spirituality is returning to oneness and living, breathing presence with God. To get there you go on an inner journey back into your soul, into the living spirit within you, to uncover the truth that lies within you.

There are many ideas around what it means to be spiritual. You are the only one who can go bring yourself on this journey. There are many guiding lights around but you have to do this for you. There is another view of spirituality that can make you feel you have to be a psychic, a medium, a healer, a channel or similar in order to be spiritual. Spirituality means going deeper, back to the Divine within you.

Remember what you are going back to. This is so freeing and empowering as you can make that choice. In order to go on this inner journey, you need to stop and be still, and start to listen to that inner voice. I do this through meditation. I hold the intention to connect with God or one of my Divine teachers, and then I sit and listen and see what rises up within me. You are a being of spirit in a body — therefore you are inherently spiritual. But right now you can choose if you want to step into conscious awareness of your soul self, and live in the joy, peace, love and light of living, breathing oneness with God.

You can choose now to step back into that awareness, to start journeying inside yourself and to make the inner changes that will let you live in joy, peace and love in this life, here and now. Work With Me. Poetry Books. Writing Biog. Media Interviews. Poetry Links. Latest News. Write With Me. One to One Mentoring. Heartfelt Writing Workshops. Facilitating for Your Group. The Rose Room. Contact Me. Upcoming Events. Category: Blog Post. Daily meditation. Listening to divine guidance. Learning to love myself and care for myself.

Soul’s Cry

You can change your life. You just need to take the first step….

Liberator (Warrior Healing) Soul

Meditation - The Soul Warrior's Prayer. Tags: God meditation inner peace emotional healing channel channelled message The Soul Warrior's Prayer Soul Warrior spirituality inspiration soul guidance. These are the 3 ways I found to follow the cries of my soul 1. Tags: soul spirituality inner peace soul cries Soul Warrior joy love heart attack. Tags: Mary Magdalene God channelled message love soul divine lightworker. The Soul Warrior's Prayer.

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I dedicate my soul to you. Your light shines from me, lighting all around me.

Soul Healer, Soul Warrior Soul Healer, Soul Warrior
Soul Healer, Soul Warrior Soul Healer, Soul Warrior
Soul Healer, Soul Warrior Soul Healer, Soul Warrior
Soul Healer, Soul Warrior Soul Healer, Soul Warrior
Soul Healer, Soul Warrior Soul Healer, Soul Warrior
Soul Healer, Soul Warrior Soul Healer, Soul Warrior
Soul Healer, Soul Warrior Soul Healer, Soul Warrior
Soul Healer, Soul Warrior Soul Healer, Soul Warrior

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