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T.S.Eliot and A Summary of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

You can just feel the anger, depression and desperation in his voice when he sings it. With that said, this is my interpretation. First, I believe skinny love to just mean a relationship where the love has faded and the relationship is weak. But I believe the proper term should be "anorexic love", because he is trying to inject all the love he can into the relationship, but it seems as if she keeps rejecting it, and letting the love waste away.

He knows it won't work out because she can't nurture the love, so he's just begging that it last long enough so that he can prepare himself for the inevitable breakup.

by T.S. Eliot

Just pour salt to help the wound heal, and pretend they were never there fighting. Then he starts surveying that damage done in the relationship. Its like if you've been punched in the mouth, you run to the sink to wash up and you're spitting out blood and teeth into the sink. The interesting thing is veneer is what you use for fake teeth, but it's also a term to describe polishing something to make it look better than it really is. So "crushed veneer" is also another was to say that his view of how good and awesome he may have thought the relationship was, has just been crushed.

As much as he want's to cut his emotions, he know's it's not a feat he can accomplish. He loved her too much and knows he can't just fall out of love right on the spot. Notice in this instance, kind means her just being nice to him, but then. He'll be with her, but it will be a different "kind" of being with her. In other words, he'll be physically next to her, but not as a couple. Also it means that she will be kind to him, but not in a loving way, but more of a kindness that comes out of pity, because she is trying to let him down easy.

In other words, he left feeling shitty about what has happened, while she wont care as much and sees the break as getting her freedom back. I think he's just pleading with his love to feed off whatever little hope there is left in the relationship. Babies suckle, but if it's a light brassiere then that means there's not much in that bra to suck on. Basically, he's pleading with his love to just stay with him a little longer and just hope she will love him more. So I think that's the skinny, malnourished love they had. They aren't breaking up in some passionate way, its just that the love is dying slowly, hence, slow on the splt up.

And now all your love is wasted? And then who the hell was I? He feels like her love was all that ever mattered, and that anything good he felt about himself was because of that great feeling being loved gives you, so he defined himself through her love and the relationship. As a result, if her love was just a big waste, what does that make him? He can't even transfer to another bus because there are no more buses that will take him any further.

Who will love you? Anyways, this song is very personal to me because I went through pretty much the same emotions as he did about a year ago. Love sucks sometimes.

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This is a spot-on interpretation. I will say that I always thought "Right in this moment, this order's tall" meant that he was ordering a "tall" drink at bar to attempt to escape his feelings through alcohol, but I like your way of reading it too. Flag mister care-too-much on July 08, Wow your interpretation actually brought me to tears because this song has been on repeat for me since about April when "the love of my life" left me I hear this song and it hits me hard and your interpretation was just dead on.

Flag jgisdead on July 12, Thanks guys. This is one of those songs where you don't think too much about it until you wind up with the same emotional pain that I'm sure was felt when this song was written. Then you suddenly understand everything. I had that special one leave me too, and it really sucked.

Flag parch on July 20, This one nails it. Like you said, I think having gone through the experience yourself, you can relate to what the song is all about. I haven't been through anything like this but it's amazing to me that once you know what the singer is feeling, then all of a sudden everything makes sense.

And as you said, if it's not the original author then I think you lose some of those emotions of why it was originally written. Once you know what the singer is feeling you don't have to try too hard to understand what's going on. Thanks for the help in understanding this song and I hope you two can move on and everything and not dwell too much in the past.

Flag jayperdu on November 19, I've also lost my "love of my life" just recently. Flag Josieedk on July 11, My Interpretation I believe this song is about a relationship where the singer is desperate for a relationship, any kind, even if it doesn't have love. And the other person wants the relationship to be more than that but is just as needy as he is and unable to end the relationship- in the end it's just a "skinny love" destined to end because it's starving for real affection from both of them.

He's getting the tickets and she has to pay for them Come on skinny love what happened here He doesn't know where it all went wrong, because he just wanted to be happy and still hasn't found it. It's just becoming more and more painful and he doesn't know why Suckle on the hope in lite brassiere She keeps hoping that it will turn around, that he'll love her because hes staying with her, that he'll find it in him to invest his love into the relationship Sullen load is full; so slow on the split They both know they're not healthy for each other and they need to end it but both of them can't and it's making them both irritated with each other And now all your love is wasted?

She really did love him, and she wanted him to love her but he couldn't and now shes saying that she wasted it on him And then who the hell was I? He knows he was using her but can't admit it, because he still needs to try and feel something, even though the relationship will bear no fruit And now I'm breaking at the britches His pride is starting to shatter and fall apart And at the end of all your lines She confronts him and starts arguing with him and telling him they're over Who will love you?

Manual Love Songs [annotated]

This very last line is him basically saying, ok they're over, but now who will be able to move on first? Which one of them, with their issues, is going to be able to find love and which one will just end up stuck in the same "skinny love" relationship again with someone else. Flag sydveee on November 27, So truthful it hurts. But in a way that's right, justified, wanted.

You said it beyond well, Beleafing. The way you broke it down was fantastic. But tragic can be beautiful.

Fare Thee Well (song)

Is beautiful. And it was for me. As was this real lovely song. Thank you.

"Where Is The Love?" Song Analysis by Arobhi Uddin on Prezi

Flag sunshinelove on November 21, General Comment well in light of djfrisk's post this song takes on a whole new incredible meaning IMO, i still agree the song can legitimately be understood as shortandsweetem analyzed, altho to me the line "pour a little salt Imagine that Bon Iver has had a terrible, horrible break up years ago and his "skinny love" is a new girl he is beginning to see.

And in the morning he will be better, no longer haunted by the ghosts of the past that come out at night perhaps, and in this way the morning will be a different "kind" in quotes. I would argue that the lines from "now all your love is wasted Wonderful interpretation, it just makes so much sense! I just love the wonderful ambiguity in all of Bon Iver's songs and the fact that you can read so many things into them, even the presence of a female speaker.

Flag Ladyblue82 on April 23, Beautifully done. Flag ahaavik22 on February 12, Flagged ahaavik22 on February 12, I love this interpretation, it brings an entirely new feeling to the song for me. Whatever Justin Vernon's intention, the depth of interpretation this song allows just shows how remarkable his songwriting it. Beautiful, beautiful song. Flag starrystarrystarry on May 12, Sagaxfilos, I think your interpretation makes a lot of sense I just seem to always let this song be more about how one love always tends to be bigger than the rest, the future ones It always seems to me he's hoping for these future skinny loves, however difficult, to get him out of ropes of the old one Pour salt in his wound to eventually get him out of the pain Yet, I just find that the song has a somewhat hopeless tone.

Even the quotes kinda mock the new loves I also think it's quite amazing the amount of guilt the song in my view contains Finally, 'staring at sink of love and crushed veneer' I love this one, but I can't quite figure it out I think she really does the song justice: youtube. General Comment Love this one.

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Thanks to whoever-you-are for getting these lyrics up so quickly. My Interpretation A lot has been said about this song, but it's one of my favorites ever, so I figured I'd put down my thoughts. His heart has been broken, smashed into a million pieces. But Skinny Love isn't about the one who broke his heart.

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He's trying to find something in new relationships now, but is unable to. He's pretty much at rock bottom. He pleads with his new girl, "skinny love" to just last the year.

He needs someone, he hasn't had a meaningful relationship since his heart was broken. But he knows it's his fault. In the first chorus, I think this "skinny love" is speaking to him. She tells him to be patient and kind and maybe this will work. But she knows it won't, and in the morning, she'll be a different "kind.

Get out the microscope, because we’re going through this poem line-by-line.

Tracy and her best friend Penny are obsessed with this show, not just because of the rock n' roll hits, but because the stars on the show represent teenage royalty. In particular, Tracy lusts over Link, the handsome favorite, who happens to be dating the wickedly mean girl, Amber. The "Nicest Kids in Town" may be popular, but according to the lyrics they don't sound too bright. When Corny, the host of the show, sings about them, he delivers several back-handed compliments about the young dancers:. The song satirizes the youth cultures obsession with popularity, even at the expense of academic success.

The character Seaweed isn't simply the cool black kid who makes Penny swoon. His character embodies a generational shift towards integration. Seaweed and the other young black characters are marginalized at their school. They are constantly and unjustly sent to detention.

Authority figures such as teachers, parents, and television producers demean the black characters, openly advocating racial segregation. Despite the opposition, Seaweed is confident that his character will win over others. The playfully seductive lyrics, such as "The darker the chocolate, the sweeter the taste," are more than just flirtatious banter.

This, by the way, is not the first connection between multiculturalism and food. The song "Big Blond and Beautiful" features lyrics with a similar message.

Love Songs [annotated] Love Songs [annotated]
Love Songs [annotated] Love Songs [annotated]
Love Songs [annotated] Love Songs [annotated]
Love Songs [annotated] Love Songs [annotated]
Love Songs [annotated] Love Songs [annotated]
Love Songs [annotated] Love Songs [annotated]
Love Songs [annotated] Love Songs [annotated]
Love Songs [annotated] Love Songs [annotated]

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