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Saying a firm "No," to your puppy will suffice. What is a Reward? These are treats given to the puppy for a job well done. These items can be anything your dog loves, like a toy or a favorite food. When your dog behaves, say, "Good dog," then shower it with praise. When starting training, here are five basic commands your dog should learn. The sit command is the easiest and most important in dog training. It the foundation for other training techniques.

Training your dog how to heel is a second fundamental. It teaches your pet to walk next to you, instead of in front. Its head is even with your knee. This command will teach your dog how to walk properly on a leash. This command is a difficult one to learn for dogs. The benefits, however, are amazing. It can help anxious or scared dogs relax. Note: Never push your dog into a down position. If your pet gets up, say "No," and take away your hand. Eventually, your dog will figure out the right action. Natalie Waggener has 17 years of experience in emergency work and general practice in Rhode Island, Florida and Massachusetts.

She has a special interest in dentistry, wellness care and rehabilitation therapy. She is currently licensed in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. All rights reserved. Subscribe Here!

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Natalie Waggener on. The love and joy dogs bring into the lives of new pet parents is immense. Owners enjoy unconditional love from their canine companions. But problems like sneaking food off the counter, barking loudly and causing a ruckus, running off in a park, and getting into dangerous items, can arise as pets adjust to their new environment.

Training is important for several reasons. When Should Training Begin? Crate Training Basics Crate training will help your puppy adjust to staying inside of its enclosed area.

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You'll need to make this a positive, enjoyable experience. Here are a few fundamentals to follow. Advice Choose the right size crate.

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Make sure the area isn't too large or too small. It should have enough space for your dog to stand and turn around.

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  • Place a blanket or chew-proof bed inside the crate. If your dog is a chewer, opt for a chew-proof bed to ensure it isn't able to be ingested. Put in some of your dog's favorite toys. Let them explore the area without forcing them to go into it. Allow your dog to get comfortable. Always make its crate a happy place. Things to Avoid Don't use a crate to punish your dog.

    Your dog will associate it with negative experiences and avoid it. Don't let your dog out just because they are barking. They will bark more if they learn that's all they need to do to be released. Don't keep your dog inside longer than it can hold its bowels or bladder. Limit your pet's time to two or three hours. The "Sit" Command The sit command is the easiest and most important in dog training.

    Directions Hold a reward treat in your hand and kneel in front of your dog. Put the treat to your pet's nose. Lift your hand upward. Tell your canine to sit.

    Dog Training 101: How to Train ANY DOG the Basics

    If your dog lifts its head to bite the food, use your other hand to guide his backside down into a sitting position. As it sits down, say, "Sit. Repeat this command several times daily. The "Heel" Command Training your dog how to heel is a second fundamental.

    Training Your Dog to Search

    Directions Collar and leash your dog. Place your dog in a sitting position. Hold its leash in your left hand. Put the squeaky toy in your right one above the animal's head. Start walking with the toy in front while saying the "Heel" command. Get your pet's attention by squeaking the toy. If it gets distracted or pulls in front, stop walking immediately. Place the toy on the ground in plain sight where the dog can see it make sure the dog sees you place the toy and walk back to your dog. If the dog will go out and fetch it without hesitation, then immediately release your hold on the leash and let the dog go fetch the toy back to you.

    If the dog has difficulty understanding what you want, keep hold of the leash and run with your dog to the toy. You can then run backward and encourage the dog to follow you with the toy in his mouth. Stop, take the toy, and praise your dog.

    How to Train Your Dog

    Stay at this level until the dog understands the game and will run out and fetch the toy without your help. Next you can try to increase the difficulty by hiding the toy slightly. Follow the same steps as above. Show your dog the toy in your hand, leave the dog, and go out to place the toy several yards away. Give your search command and let the dog fetch the toy back to you. Make very sure the dog was watching you when you placed the toy. As your dog progresses, you can make the hides more and more complex. Increase the distance or the difficulty but, not both at the same time. Take it slow and try to ensure your dog is successful and having fun.

    The dog, who is by now using its nose to locate the toy, must rely on the wind to bring the scent of the toy in his direction. Ideally, you want to be downwind i. Finally, you can have someone else hide the toy while you wait with your dog.

    Training Your Puppy | Purina New Zealand | Purina

    Make sure the dog understands this new aspect to the game by decreasing the difficulty of the hide for the first few tries. You can then work back up to more difficult hides once the dog understands. Stand silently with your dog while your helper shows the dog his toy and then walks away to hide it. Make sure the dog watches the helper.

    How To Train Your Dog How To Train Your Dog
    How To Train Your Dog How To Train Your Dog
    How To Train Your Dog How To Train Your Dog
    How To Train Your Dog How To Train Your Dog
    How To Train Your Dog How To Train Your Dog
    How To Train Your Dog How To Train Your Dog
    How To Train Your Dog How To Train Your Dog

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