Breeding Discontent

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The reaction of the New York City biking community was mixed, with some cycling bloggers decrying the series for perceived sensationalism, while others admitting that too many cyclists were, in fact, ignoring traffic laws, often flagrantly. So, exactly how dangerous are New York City cyclists to pedestrians? Aeillo reported.

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Solomonow wrote. We really want to know about these subsets, and we need to get more detail.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. All Rights Reserved Site by Webvolutions. Lukulu and Mitete do not have a single factory that could provide decent jobs to the thousands of unemployed youth.

Prune Belly - Plaguebearer

There is no industry that is being systematically harnessed to serve as a foundation for economic growth. Worse still, there is no collective effort amongst leaders and citizens to find solutions to these intricate but solvable problems.


How then do you expect to see any positive changes in Lukulu and Mitete given this inertia? In the midst of all this, the natural resources such as timber are savagely exploited to the benefit of a few middlemen and companies in South Africa, South Korea and China! Similarly, the cattle herd that was decimated by neglect and diseases provides some reasonable profits to a few middlemen and firms from the Copperbelt and Angola and leaves very little in the local economy.

Fishing is still conducted at artisan scale and with a growing population destined to slowdown. Yet there is no visible support to fish farming that could help secure fish protein for diets and household livelihoods. The economic future of Lukulu and Mitete is therefore bleak and poverty will remain chronic.

Implementing Change without Breeding Discontent

At the core of the poverty in Lukulu is a capitalist system that has weakened the ability of the state to actively pursue economic development where it is needed most. Expecting foreign investors and the so-called private entrepreneurs to be the locomotive for the economic transformation of a district like Lukulu is sheer arrogance.

Without a good infrastructure, a critical mass of local social capital comprising of well-trained men and women and a government that is uncompromising on equity considerations, the poverty of the people of Lukulu and Mitete will continue to worsen.

Breeding Discontent Breeding Discontent
Breeding Discontent Breeding Discontent
Breeding Discontent Breeding Discontent
Breeding Discontent Breeding Discontent
Breeding Discontent Breeding Discontent
Breeding Discontent Breeding Discontent
Breeding Discontent Breeding Discontent

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